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To hire administrative staff – Officers, Union, and NUSS - in the Arts and Sciences please submit all hiring requests through our new Google form located here:

As you look through the form, you’ll notice that there are some documents that need to be uploaded as part of the request.  They include: 

  • Position Rationale: A short narrative (a paragraph or two will usually be sufficient; 1 page max) describing why the position is needed and the business rationale for it. Please make sure to describe the consequences to the unit of not filling the position.
  • Proposed Funding Source(s) for position: Please provide comprehensive funding details, including a chartstring(s) or combocode(s). A template is here for your use.
  • Job Description: Include a draft job description for the proposed position (an template can be found here). If you are thinking about changing an existing job description, we are asking for the original job description as well as a rough draft of the new one (just do your best and don’t worry about the exact language). As part of the process, we will work with you to finalize the job description to make it ready for submission into Talentlink. 
  • Updated Organizational Chart: We would like to see an organizational chart that accurately represents the current structure and one that shows us any changes you are proposing. This may mean uploading two versions for review. 

If your department is looking to hire a temporary employee, please get in touch with Arya Tashahood to initiate the process and assist with sourcing candidates.

If candidate has NOT been identified and needs to be sourced, please complete the form below and send it to Arya Tashahood along with an updated Job description.

Temp Agency Recruitment Form

If candidate has been identified and needs to be HIRED through temp agency, please complete the form below and send it to Arya Tashahood along with an updated Job description.

Temp Agency Hiring Form

Arts & Sciences’ (A&S) entities are encouraged to use A&S-specifc forms for human resources related topics. Here are resources created and curated by the EVP-HR team for use in A&S: 

For general information, the following resources are available for your reference: 

Central Human Resources’ Tools and Links 

For additional information on the above topics, or customizing forms, please contact the Arts and Sciences HR team (Johana de Jesus Pagan, Stephan Richardson, and Aryan Tashahood) at [email protected].

This section is designed to help managers fulfill some of the administrative requirements associated with the new hire process and/or promotions and transfers of current administrative employees.

The following processes require advance discussion and/or administrative approval:

  • Gaining access to People at Columbia (PAC) or Jobs at Columbia (JAC)
  • Creating any new position at the level of officer or support staff, temporary positions and casuals
  • Upgrading an existing position
  • Obtaining salary approvals and guidelines
  • Additional compensation requests
  • Replacing positions
  • Eliminating positions
  • Restructuring staff
  • Initiating progressive discipline
  • Flexible working arrangements

Please contact Paul J. Schuchert at [email protected],  or Johana de Jesus Pagan at [email protected], or Stephan Richardson at [email protected], or Aryan Tashahood at [email protected] .

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