Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

There are many resources available to faculty that provide assistance with teaching, course evaluations and student guidance.

The resources available to faculty are separated below into three categories of support: teaching, course evaluations and student resources. 



Instructional Technology

Faculty/Student Interaction Dinners

Pedagogical Support for Graduate Student Instructors

Course Readings

Academic Programs & Bulletins

Overview of degree programs including prerequisites and requirements for the six schools in the Arts and Sciences.



Classroom Committee Reports

The Classroom Committee was convened in 2011-2012 to study how best to utilize and improve classroom stock and to create optimal scheduling procedures. A report summarizing those findings was created with recommendations issued.

A follow-up study was convened in 2014 and the report is published here, with the appendices, which includes the first report from 2011-2012, below.   

Classroom Committee Report 2014 

2014 Report Appendices (Includes the Classroom Committee Report 2011-2012)